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Roofing Inspections

roofing inspections

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home’s entire structure. It provides protection from the elements, and it also adds additional support to your home as a whole. On top of that, with the variety of roof types out there, your roof also serves to provide your home with the look you want for it.

For all of these reasons, you need to be sure to keep your roof in the best shape possible. But your roof is quite large, isn’t it? Just what CAN you do to keep something so large (not to mention so out of the way) in tip-top shape?

Easy: Just call on the roofing contractors at Full Guard Roofing for annual roofing inspections!

Roofing inspections can help to extend the life of your roof by addressing minor problems before they’re able to develop into serious issues. And since your roofing contractor will be able to prevent such issues from happening, roofing inspections will also save you money over the years since you won’t need to call in for costly roofing repair and replacement services!

Your roof is an important component of your home. Give that component the best work for it -- call up the roofing contractors at Full Guard Roofing for routine roofing inspections.

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Roofing Repair

roofing repair

Of course, even with regular roofing inspections, at some point, your roof will sustain some pretty bad damage. Maybe this damage will come from structural rot -- maybe from a serious storm -- maybe from a branch right through the roof. (That’ll do it.)

Whatever the cause, if your roof has suffered the kind of damage that an inspection alone isn’t enough to remedy, don’t blow your lid! You can STILL call on the roofing contractors at Full Guard Roofing to provide the work you need to keep your roof in tip-top condition.

And when serious damage strikes, the work you need is a quality roofing repair!

A roofing repair can help to remedy even the worst that Time and Nature can do to your roof. Whether your roof is rotting away in certain spots, damaged from the wind, or suffering from loose shingles or tiles, you can rely on a quality roofing repair by the professionals Full Guard Roofing to get your roof back into great shape and to KEEP it that way for a good, long time to come!

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Roofing Installation

roofing installation

Of course, “a good, long time to come” isn’t always forever. Even the best roof repair in the world can’t prevent the inevitable from happening. And just what is the inevitable?

Why, the same thing that will eventually happen to ALL things on earth: the end.

Yes, even the sturdiest roof -- like the sturdiest building or the tallest mountain -- will outlive its usefulness one day. And when that day comes for your roof, you’ll begin to experience a variety of unpleasant results: leaks, sags, loosened shingles. Your energy bills will spike as your roof fails to retain your heat and A/C, and your home’s value will go WAY down.

This is certainly an unhappy truth.

A much HAPPIER truth, though, is that once your roof reaches the end of its days, you don’t have to resign yourself to living with a shoddy, unsafe roof -- not when you can simply call on the roofing contractors at Full Guard Roofing to get a new roof INSTALLED!

We at Full Guard Roofing might be wizards at keeping your roof healthy with annual inspections, and we might be wizards at getting your roof back in shape with repairs -- but when those inspections and repairs are no longer sufficient for keeping a solid roof over your head, you’ll find that we are also wizards at getting a new roof installed!

A newly installed roof will provide you with a brand-new roof that will run like a dream for many DECADES to come! With a new roof, you can enjoy low energy bills, a beautiful home, and most of all, the SAFETY that a solid roof can provide!

Don’t forgo all of those great qualities. Just call on the roofing contractors at Full Guard Roofing as soon as your roof is ready to go to that big top-of-a-house in the sky!

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Your Friendly Louisville Roofing Contractor

A strong, healthy roof is necessary for maintaining a strong, healthy home. After all, should your roof become worn down and battered, your home will lose a substantial amount of its support. On top of that issue, your home will also experience leaks and the issues that can result from leaks: mold and such.

To prevent these issues and, thus, keep your home as healthy and as strong as can be, you need to call on a reliable roofing contractor for all of your roofing needs. And if you live in or around the Louisville area, then that contractor should be none other than Full Guard Roofing! Since 2014, we have provided top-quality roofing work to homeowners in the area!

We at Full Guard Roofing can keep your roof going strong with our variety of roofing services: repairs, replacements, and even annual inspections. We also specialize at a variety of roofing types (particularly asphalt shingles), so you can rely on Full Guard Roofing to have the expertise you need to keep your roof in the shape you want it to be in!

Your roof should be strong, healthy, and most of all, RELIABLE. And with the reliable roofing contractors at Full Guard Roofing, you can BET that your roof will be every bit as strong and reliable as you could want it to be!

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What People Are Saying About Us

Sam came to Frankfort and inspected the roof on a home I was considering purchasing. Sam was punctual, professional and delivered a very thorough report of his findings. Based on his findings we were able to evaluate the property and eventually make an offer. When repairs are needed Full Guard will definitely get the call[...]
Brad K.
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Full Guard Roofing is a rare find - an honest contractor that enjoys the job and is passionate about the work. I won't use any other company for my roofing needs.[...]
John R.
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Had roofing issues and Sam was quick to respond and give his professional opinion. Thanks Sam![...]
Devin H.
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Sam came out and cleaned our gutters today and I couldn't be more impressed! He did an excellent job and will definitely be the company we call when it comes time to replace our roof(which will be very soon)! Highly recommend!!![...]
Jennifer O.
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Why Choose Us?


We at Full Guard Roofing boast a variety of distinguished awards and certificates: BBB A+, HAAG Engineering Certified Residential Roofing Inspector, CertainTeed Shingle Master, Master Shingle Applicator, and Wizard.

With our variety of honors and distinguished awards, you can rely on Full Guard Roofing to provide only the best roofing work around!

Local Business Since 2014

Full Guard Roofing has been a reliable LOCAL roofing contractor serving homeowners with all their roofing needs since 2014.

With three-going-on-four years of experience in the roofing industry here in Louisville, we at Full Guard Roofing have the know-how and expertise to promise you only the best roofing work in the area!


Though Full Guard Roofing may not be a nationwide company, make no mistake: We still hold ourselves to the highest quality of work around.

Indeed, holding coverage from CertainTeed, we at Full Guard Roofing have the coverage required to handle any roofing job to the highest standards.

Over 10 Years In The Industry

After working with insurance companies for roofing following catastrophe events for many years, Full Guard Roofing's owner has settled here in Louisville.

Being a company BY locals FOR locals, Full Guard Roofing promises only the highest level of care when it comes to ALL your roofing work.

Excellent References From Satisfied Clients

There doesn’t need to be a major catastrophic event for you to call on the experienced roofing contractors at Full Guard Roofing for your roofing needs.

Just call us up for any and all of your roofing issues during ANY conditions (good or bad), and we’ll get your roof back in the best shape possible once more!

Service Excellence & Integrity

So, why should you choose Full Guard Roofing for your roofing needs? That’s easy: experience, coverage, awards, and excellence in service.

Choose Full Guard Roofing because your roof deserves the best work it can get, and with us, the best is the ONLY work you’ll get.

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